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Fue Saç Ekimi İzmir


You can have a brand new look in Derim Surgical Medical Center Hair Transplantation unit. The FUE method, which is the ultimate point reached by medical technology and provides natural results by ensuring a radical solution for your hair loss, is performed by our professional hair transplant center. During this operation, no scalpel is used, no sutures are made, and no scar is left in the area where the hair roots are taken.

What is FUE Method (Follicular Unit Extraction)?

Hair loss is a health problem that is seen in both men and women in the society and negatively affects the social life of the person in question. FUE, the hair transplant method that has been widely applied in the world recently, is a hair transplant method that provides natural results both when removing and transplanting hair. FUE method is the process of transferring live hair follicles from the hairy area to the area with hair loss one by one. The recovery period in FUE hair transplantation is very short and the results of hair transplantation are natural. In Izmir, Derim Surgical Medical Center performs many successful hair transplantation applications with an experienced team by providing sterile conditions and in the company of a dermatologist specialized in the field of Hair Transplantation. 1.5 months after the FUE Hair Transplant Operation, most of the transplanted hair falls out and starts to re-grow in the 3rd month, and there is a visible change at the end of the 6-month-period. 12 months is an appropriate period of time to see definitive results. Hair transplantation yields very good results when performed by a professional team. Lifelong growing hair not only changes the appearance of a person, but also positively affects his psychology. Hair transplantation requires talent, visuality and technology. With the FUE method, no scalpel is used in the area where the hair is taken, no stitches or scars are left. The procedure is performed without keeping the patient back from his daily life. During this process, the existing hair follicles in the area are not damaged.


Sapphire Fue Technology in Hair Transplantation

Channels are opened with the tips obtained from sapphire and allowing thin channels to be opened in accordance with the structure of the hair, and these channels then undergo a transplantation procedure. In this way, trauma and wound healing processes are shortened.

Fue Hair Transplant Provides the Following:

The head can be shaved without a visible scar; there are no stitches. There is no permanent horizontal scar, it heals faster, and a more comfortable healing process is experienced. Post-operative pain is less and activities are less restricted. (For detailed information, you can call us at +90 534 892 79 79 and make a free preliminary appointment.)